Web Hosting is important for Speed?

 Today's web users have become increasingly intolerant of slow-loading websites. Even Google has shown its intention to reward sites with faster loading speeds compared to those without.

How fast is fast enough?

There is a free online tool called Which Loads Faster that you can use to compare your site's speed with that of major competitors.

The following guidelines may also be helpful for your purposes:

  1. Less than a second: perfect
  2. About one to three seconds: above average
  3. Three to seven seconds: average
  4. More than seven seconds: terrible; needs to be fixed asap.
  5. Don't forget that even a delay of one second can result in:

A significant loss in conversion.

So never take your site speed for granted. You can definitely make a difference in the world for better or for worse web hosting Canada.

How to speed up your business website

How to speed up your business website in a few simple steps

1. Host your media files on a content distribution network

This is one of the best ways to speed up your website, where you can save up to 60 percent of bandwidth and can even reduce the number of requests your site makes.

Content delivery networks host your files on a vast network of servers around the world. Since bandwidth is evenly distributed across so many different servers, stress on a single server in particular is significantly reduced. As a result, your site is automatically sped up.

2. Compress large pages to reduce their loading time

Large pages (including those created for high-quality content) are often very bulky and can be around 100 kb or more in size. As a result, the download becomes very slow.

The best way to speed them up is to compress them using a technique called compression.

Compression helps reduce the bandwidth of those pages, which simultaneously leads to a reduced HTTP response. You can do this through any data compression tool, for example GNU Gzip.

3. Adjust the size of your images before uploading.

The different content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, etc. They give you the option to upload your images in full size and resize them from your website's backend. This option is definitely convenient and can save a lot of time.

However, doing so forces browsers to run multiple commands at the same time; something that can significantly slow down your website.

To prevent this from happening, use an image editing tool (online or offline) to resize your images to the appropriate size BEFORE uploading them to your platform.

4. Install a caching plugin (exclusive point for WordPress users)

If you are using the WordPress content management system, the easiest way to improve your page loading speed is to install the WP Super Cache or the WP Total Cache plugin.

Both of the plugins mentioned above are available for free and can be downloaded in no time.

5. Pay special attention to incorrect requests

Broken links often generate 404 or 410 errors.Both errors result in useless requests that can significantly slow down your overall site. Therefore, it is advisable to repair broken links as soon as possible, especially images! You can use tools like the online broken link checker for this purpose.

6. Allow browser caching

The browser's caching feature allows your visitor's browser to store strategic copies of your site's pages on their device.As a result, when the visitor returns again in the future, the content of the site can be called back from the browser's own cache. This whole process is significantly faster than reloading the entire site from scratch.

7. Reduce the number of redirects

301 redirects are obviously better than 404 errors, but they are still not the ideal solution.

This is because redirects, such as broken links, can also slow down the browser when trying to reach the correct version of the page. Therefore, it is advisable to reduce their number to obtain more effective long-term results.

With that, I'll close this article for now. I hope you find l

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